October, 2012

The Compassion Doorway

October 20, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsEmotions and Animals

It has been awhile since my last posting and am glad to say I am in a place to share more about our relationship with animals. I have been going through many shifts in my awareness and interesting enough what I want to share in this post is about our animal nature. A few weeks ago […]



How Your Dog Sees You

October 16, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered how your dog really sees you? Not as caretaker or companion, or teacher or whatever but the under the skin view. Most animals, including dogs see more than just the clothes we wear or the car we drive or whatever image we want the world to see. They see our subtle energetic bodies […]



Healing our Karmas with the Aid of Animals in Spirit

October 11, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsEmotions and AnimalsHorses

Introduction: this story is part of my own healing journey and transformation with the help of animal friends. I share it with the hope it will help others see a bigger picture that may unfold as we care and love for our animal companions. In their love and dedication they can help us through difficult times. They can […]



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