November, 2013

What Can We Do to Help the Whales?

November 19, 2013 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsWild Animals

What can we do to help the whales? An intuitive session on whales with Theresa “What can we do to help the whales?” Theresa asked, during an intuitive session on wild animals.  I could feel the heart felt concern in her question.  Pollution, climate change, whaling, underwater noise, loss of habitat, ship strikes, the oil […]


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An Apology to Horses

November 2, 2013 Christine McDonald Emotions and AnimalsHorses

An Apology to Horses 11/3/13 There was Joey, Bunny, Jake and Gunnar. These horses all had something for my family to learn.  We still have Gunnar who is now a 13 year old Quarter horse gelding. Gunnar means” warrior” and he might have been a good horse going to war or riding into some unknown […]



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