A Poem About Forgiveness

February 24, 2013 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsEmotions and Animals

flicker(I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.)

It all turns out in the end.
Like the wash
The colors don’t all run together.

My will keeps it all in order.
Sorts through the dirty laundry
Separates the light from the dark,
BecausCate I can.

Is forgiving my sister as easy as forgiving the laundry?
Does forgiveness come in a square box
I can put on my list
Place in my cart and carry home?

I am putting my faith
It can and will.
If only I find the right brand
I can wear forgiveness.

Like a sparkly new suit
It fits me well.
I will create my own reality
And wear forgiveness in every color.

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