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Overcoming Tail-enders to Animal Communication

January 20, 2014 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and Cats

 Overcoming Tail-Ender’s to Animal Communication Most anyone who knows anything about animals knows what a tail is, but what is a tail-ender?  And what does it have to do with animal communication?  Here is a simple definition: A tail-ender is an unconscious, automatic, often unrecognized inner reservation.  It often accompanies an affirmation: a “Yes, but…” […]


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How Your Dog Sees You

October 16, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered how your dog really sees you? Not as caretaker or companion, or teacher or whatever but the under the skin view. Most animals, including dogs see more than just the clothes we wear or the car we drive or whatever image we want the world to see. They see our subtle energetic bodies […]



Feral Cats—Another Perspective

August 22, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and Cats

Your local humane society likely has many cats looking for a good home. Many of them have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves. If they do not find good homes they often become feral or wild cats or have offspring that are feral. There are more cats now than any other time in history and […]



Elk on 1/30/12

January 30, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and CatsWild Animals

As I walked out the patio door this afternoon I saw a herd of elk across the river. They were about fifty grazing and resting in the neighbors pasture. I had seen a herd in the forest while out on a walk a few weeks earlier and immediately thought they had come for a visit. […]



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