An Apology to Horses

November 2, 2013 Christine McDonald Emotions and AnimalsHorses

An Apology to Horses 11/3/13 There was Joey, Bunny, Jake and Gunnar. These horses all had something for my family to learn.  We still have Gunnar who is now a 13 year old Quarter horse gelding. Gunnar means” warrior” and he might have been a good horse going to war or riding into some unknown […]



Healing our Karmas with the Aid of Animals in Spirit

October 11, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsEmotions and AnimalsHorses

Introduction: this story is part of my own healing journey and transformation with the help of animal friends. I share it with the hope it will help others see a bigger picture that may unfold as we care and love for our animal companions. In their love and dedication they can help us through difficult times. They can […]



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