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How to Get to Know and Elephant published in Elephant Journal

February 27, 2014 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsMystical AnimalsSoul ConnectionsWild Animals

Hello, I am happy to let you know The Elephant Journal has published my blog post on How to Get to Know an Elephant. The content has changed somewhat, so please check it out, make a comment and let the world know what you think. Getting this article published has been a process and I […]


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What Can We Do to Help the Whales?

November 19, 2013 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsWild Animals

What can we do to help the whales? An intuitive session on whales with Theresa “What can we do to help the whales?” Theresa asked, during an intuitive session on wild animals.  I could feel the heart felt concern in her question.  Pollution, climate change, whaling, underwater noise, loss of habitat, ship strikes, the oil […]


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Getting to Know an Elephant

July 27, 2013 Christine McDonald Wild Animals

Relatives of today’s elephants lived in Oregon, not so long ago. It must have been something to be in the company of large mastodons and mammoths, with 14-17 feet long curving tusks, on the heads of animals 2- 3 times my height. Both the mastodon and the mammoth roamed North America from Alaska to Florida, and […]



In Wildness is the Preservation of the World

September 27, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsWild Animals

Writing by Thoreau The wilderness my father and grandfather knew in the early 1900’s is no longer the wilderness we know today. Montana still retains much of its wild nature in National Parks, Wilderness Areas and National Forest but it has changed. It makes me sad to think of how much transformation has occurred in […]



Elk on 1/30/12

January 30, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and CatsWild Animals

As I walked out the patio door this afternoon I saw a herd of elk across the river. They were about fifty grazing and resting in the neighbors pasture. I had seen a herd in the forest while out on a walk a few weeks earlier and immediately thought they had come for a visit. […]



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