How Your Dog Sees You

October 16, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered how your dog really sees you? Not as caretaker or companion, or teacher or whatever but the under the skin view. Most animals, including dogs see more than just the clothes we wear or the car we drive or whatever image we want the world to see. They see our subtle energetic bodies which might look like a complex highway of energy patterns.

If all is well in the world, your energetic body has a smooth flow of energy and your dog can simply be a dog and love you and life and be there for you. If all is not well, these energetic patterns get disrupted. Stress and trauma affect the flow of energy in the body and if they are not resolved create well worn often dysfunctional patterns that result in emotional imbalances and health problems for dogs and humans. This is a very simplistic explanation of a complex system.

My teachers often talk about the Shushumna or the luminous core of light that aligns with our backbone and extends through the body. If you were to photograph it, it might look something like this image. The chakras are the energy centers that extend from this core of light.

If life for a dog or human is chaotic, stressful, then the energetic body might resemble a broken utility line and look more like a “live wire” your local utility district would advise you to stay away from. In the ads they might show this out of control wire whipping wildly in the air or just a broken line lying on the ground.

If your dog is seeing this “live wire” or ”dead ungrounded wire” they will mirror it back to you. Why do they do this? Because they are dogs and very tuned into our energetic bodies and want us to ground the live wires and live more fully, completely and in our body. They will keep running the same dysfunctional patterns because that is what they are picking up from us. Trauma, early childhood programming, social norms, stress and many other factors in our daily lives can crate abnormalities in our energetic bodies.

Maggie, a five year old springer spaniel was very sensitive to the energies in the family. If Ann or Joe were stressed, Maggie would run chaos, and then add even more stress to their lives as she ran through the house with muddy paws, chased cars or jumped around wildly. When they were relaxed and more settled, Maggie would reflect or mirror that back to them. If Ann or Rob could look deeper at their own lives they would likely find unresolved emotional patterns that may go back to early childhood. Many of these patterns are deeply engrained and difficult to uncover without help.

If this post resonates with you try changing the pattern. Instead of reprimanding your dog for misbehaving, stop, and tune into what is happening in your body. How do you feel? Can you name some of the emotions or feelings that come up? Where do you feel those emotions coming from? Your dog is simply giving you a clue there is something out of harmony going on. The uncomfortable behavior you want to control in your dog may be a mirror of a hidden aspect of you, an ungrounded live wire.

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  • webmaster says:

    Yes, I understand better now. In other words, I have to bring it home. Let dog owners know that I had to learn about myself through my own dogs,.I had to let my dogs be “free” and just BE. Dogs keep me centered and grounded. When I find myself feeling anxious, angry, etc., I have to stop and re-evaluate my inner self, for the sake of my dogs. I will try to show that owning my shortcomings is the first step to rehabilitating my canine companions.I think twice now about my inner self because dogs are so intuitive. I don’t think I am crazy for thinking that dogs, and all animals for that matter, behold an extraordinary intelligence, that humans have not even touched the surface of. Thank you, Christine!!

    • cats says:

      Your not crazy at all for thinking that way. Animals are more present and aware in real time. There is tons of information or intelligence available, if humans can slow down and notice what is really happening.

      Good insight. Glad you are taking these messages home.

  • webmaster says:

    Enjoyed your blog. I have also read Kevin’s books, and I’m still trying to figure it all out. A lot of information. I am a trainer and behaviorist, and I completely understand that dogs are our mirrors. But to try to explain that to clients is difficult. No one wants to think that their dog’s behavior may be coming from them. They will not accept responsibility. So I have to be careful what I say and how I say it. I see so much instability in people’s homes, and bringing it to their attention can be very touchy. Any ideas?

    • cats says:

      It is best to trust your gut instincts on who to talk to about accepting responsibility. Not everyone is ready to take in the deeper learning.

      I have found that talking about my own journey can be effective. For years our dog companion Sophie was aggressive around other female dogs. We broke up lots of fights and it was unpleasant to take her out on walks with other dogs. At the time, I was suppressing my personal power and projecting anger onto other family members or co-workers. As I processed this more and stopped projecting my anger, Sophie’s behavior started to change. Aggression toward other dogs has not been an issue for years and she no longer has to act out something in my unconscious.

      I think my spiritual teachers said at least a 100 times “its all you, everything is just an aspect of your Self” before I started to connect the dots. Our egos don’t like seeing our unconscious and negative behavior mirrored back to us. Our beloved animal companions are giving us an opportunity to see another aspect of us we can not see AND an opportunity to work out the issue or behavior for the highest benefit of all beings. If your clients had any idea how much love is behind those beautiful dog eyes when we let go of control over it might be easier for them to embrace this teaching.

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