Unraveling the Predator-Prey Paradigm

July 30, 2012 Christine McDonald Animal BehaviorAnimal Connections

We often think of predators as being the powerful or dominate force, and prey as being victim or weak. That may not be true. Another way to look at the predator prey relationship is predator as projector of energy and the prey as receptive to energy. It is more of a dance of energies that balance each other. In Kevin Beeham’s book Your Dog is Your Mirror he says the prey has more power and provides some good logic behind his reasoning. I have been reflecting on this information for a few days and would like to share my insights.

About the same time as I was reading Beeham’s book, a spiritual teacher asked her students to look at the predatory nature of humans. In animals the predator-prey is held in balance but in humans the predator prey looks more like victim tyrant. This inbalance can create painful relationships with karmic aftermath. Unraveling the victim tyrant maybe the most important thing we can do this year to create a more harmonic relationship with animals and the planet. I do not know if that will happen. But I do have hope for change and it may be our beloved animals showing us the possiblty for change.

A few days ago I drove by  a farm and saw a young calf and a German shepherd dog lying next to each other.  It was early in the morning and I was struck by the sense of peace and harmony I could feel coming from them. Several years ago, our family dog Sophie mothered and befriended an orphan lamb and just a few months ago, our cat Joe Joe befriended baby chicks. In Unlikely Friendships, by Jennifer Holland, there are pictures and stories of many heart warming animal friendships. Maybe the animals are modeling a new paradigm that can teach us how to look beyond our differences, make amends and even care for each other.

As I have said in previous posts, animals can be our teachers and we are part of the animal kingdom. I think there is an important lesson in these stories and images worth paying attention too. The boundaries between predator and prey may be softening. I would like to think if the animals can change so can we. Like many other evolutionary shifts it may be the animals that show us the way.

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