What Can We Do to Help the Whales?

November 19, 2013 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsWild Animals

What can we do to help the whales?

An intuitive session on whales with Theresa

“What can we do to help the whales?” Theresa asked, during an intuitive session on wild animals.  I could feel the heart felt concern in her question.  Pollution, climate change, whaling, underwater noise, loss of habitat, ship strikes, the oil and gas industry, and unsustainable fishing are all creating threats to whales.   We both felt a big ache in our hearts as we acknowledged the beauty and grace of the whales, and the circumstances contributing to their disappearance on the earth.

We started out with a prayer and grounding our connection to the earth through our feet.  I sensed we needed to connect to the galactic realms from which the whales came.  We opened our crowns at the top of our head and like a light house beacon looking for a lost ship we asked to be connected to the home star the whales come from.   I felt a connection to a planet in a faraway solar system or galaxy. Teresa felt it too and described the planetary image as “the brightest piercing pale blue you’ve ever seen with bright white light extending from it.  This planet has pure water and the purest vibration of joy.    The whales swim freely in clean waters and in harmony with their habitat, and food sources.”

Whales in singing position

Whales in singing position

The whales communicated through me, ” the iron crystal or dodecahedron at the center of your earth—the one you connect to when you meditate to center and ground your body—is similar to the one on our home planet.  We felt a kinship with your planet as we first began our journey to earth millions of years ago.  Our genetic blueprint was carried to the earth’s warm ocean waters on meteoroids.  The earth welcomed our whale like presence and we readily adapted and changed with the mother earth, into the 86 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises you know today.”

From this expanded and holistic viewpoint we deepened our connection with ourselves and the whales.  Theresa felt a contraction in her body.  We felt shame that we are contributing to the whale’s loss through our own ignorance and lack of connection. We felt the collective unconscious shame held by humanity on how we are treating each other and the earth.  To help us transmute the shame, the whales channeled a whale song to us.  We felt a need to ask for forgiveness on behalf of humanity.  We felt their compassion.  I said, “I am so sorry for the threats to the whales, please forgive us for our ignorance, I love you.”

As the shame burnt off, we felt a closer connection to the whales.  We both felt like we were so close we were swimming with the whales.  We felt their whale like grandiosity and fluid motion.  We swam belly to belly in fluid waters feeling the purity of joy.  The whales communicated we can help them by “seeing them for their wholeness and seeing them in clean waters free of threats from humans.”

From this place of connection and joy we connected back to their home star.  We saw a bright light in a sea of blue and were again drawn into it and encouraged to stay in meditation as long as possible.  The light was amazingly bright and beautiful and emanating a transmission.

Following is a summary of what the transmission carried for each of us.

Chris –The whales bring the high vibrational frequency of their home star to our planet.  The whales are the largest animals in our waters; they are the most connected to the core of our earth. Their large mass and connection to our earth’s core and their own home star creates stability for other life forms.   Their presence contributes to the well-being of everything on this planet, helping to weave a web of diversity.

If humanity continues on its present course of ignorance and habit loss through massive resource extraction, the whales will have no other choice but to leave and return to their home star.  Other sea life will not survive without them.  Without diversity of sea-life, many changes will occur.   Humanity will need to change or embody a higher vibrational field.

Theresa— when I asked how we can help the whales, the answer came quickly– live life (every part of life) from your heart.   Loving the planet starts with loving ourselves.   Are we kind, loving, compassionate, and forgiving?

The whales said, “They are singing more, the ocean animals have asked them to sing more to balance and offset the underwater noise so they can navigate thru the waters.  They don’t feel the sadness in the same way we feel sad for them.   Although the whales and oceans are in much distress, we are happy to do our work here. If you could see where we come from and what we bring to the earth, you would see us differently.”   The whales said, “We have already forgiven humanity and they asked us to do the same.”  They know this awareness being given will help other people and planet.  Be conscious of ALL your actions words and thoughts.   The whales asked for all of us to please pray for them.  Prayer would really help.

What can we do to help the whales?

Connect with your heart ache and don’t project your own pain and suffering onto the whales.

See the whales for their wholeness; they are galactic beings who are doing service by simply being here swimming in the waters of pure joy.

Send your love and gratitude to the whales.

Know that any act of service to any form of life on the planet is needed NOW.  Help the spider out of the bathtub, the cat out of the tree, water the young seedling, help your neighbor.  Acts of kindness do not have to be grandiose—start with the small things.

Connect with the shame of your ignorance, know it is transitory, will change and is the doorway to the higher states of being we are capable of and the whales embody.

Envision the whales in clean, clear waters free of threats from humans.  Hold that vision in your hearts and prayers.

Pray for the whales.  Join the Corelight Prayer Circle or use this Corelight prayer or another of your own.

We are One in Truth with the healing of our precious oceans,

The whales, dolphins and all the creatures whose home is the ocean.

May all be honored for their love, wisdom and service to Earth.

May all be held safely in the ocean waters.

We assist by transmuting the frequencies of destruction,

Offering peace and unity instead. We send them our gratitude.

Amen. –

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