How Animals Open Our Hearts

April 13, 2016 Animal Connections

How Animals Open Our Hearts (4.14.16) Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. Albert Einstein Sitting on the green grass, watching the birds and doing nothing in the warm sun are now my favorite things to […]



Dogs Really Do Go to Heaven

March 18, 2015 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsAnimals in transitionDeath and loss of a loved oneSoul Connections

When an Animal Touches Your Heart, They Remain With You Forever Life with animals is full of love and teachings.  Four feet solidly planted on the earth, animals stay grounded when life may overwhelm you.  They bring you into your heart where you can be more nurturing to yourself and more responsive to others.  This world would not […]



The Shaman in the Stars

April 21, 2014 Christine McDonald Human Behavior and Animals

The stars are storytellers for little boys who cannot sleep.  Locate the right one and find your way into the atlas of the universe where all the best stories reside. And so our impromptu story telling began at bedtime with a sky full of stars as guides and listeners.  My son, Kyle was four and […]


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How to Get to Know and Elephant published in Elephant Journal

February 27, 2014 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsMystical AnimalsSoul ConnectionsWild Animals

Hello, I am happy to let you know The Elephant Journal has published my blog post on How to Get to Know an Elephant. The content has changed somewhat, so please check it out, make a comment and let the world know what you think. Getting this article published has been a process and I […]


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Overcoming Tail-enders to Animal Communication

January 20, 2014 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsDogs and Cats

 Overcoming Tail-Ender’s to Animal Communication Most anyone who knows anything about animals knows what a tail is, but what is a tail-ender?  And what does it have to do with animal communication?  Here is a simple definition: A tail-ender is an unconscious, automatic, often unrecognized inner reservation.  It often accompanies an affirmation: a “Yes, but…” […]


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What Can We Do to Help the Whales?

November 19, 2013 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsWild Animals

What can we do to help the whales? An intuitive session on whales with Theresa “What can we do to help the whales?” Theresa asked, during an intuitive session on wild animals.  I could feel the heart felt concern in her question.  Pollution, climate change, whaling, underwater noise, loss of habitat, ship strikes, the oil […]


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An Apology to Horses

November 2, 2013 Christine McDonald Emotions and AnimalsHorses

An Apology to Horses 11/3/13 There was Joey, Bunny, Jake and Gunnar. These horses all had something for my family to learn.  We still have Gunnar who is now a 13 year old Quarter horse gelding. Gunnar means” warrior” and he might have been a good horse going to war or riding into some unknown […]



Getting to Know an Elephant

July 27, 2013 Christine McDonald Wild Animals

Relatives of today’s elephants lived in Oregon, not so long ago. It must have been something to be in the company of large mastodons and mammoths, with 14-17 feet long curving tusks, on the heads of animals 2- 3 times my height. Both the mastodon and the mammoth roamed North America from Alaska to Florida, and […]



More on Empathy

March 10, 2013 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsEmotions and Animals

Spring, the season of renewal and growth is upon us. If you live in a rural area or drive by farms or ranches, you may be noticing newborn calves or lambs. If you’re questioning what it feels like to be really joyful watch one of those youngsters race around a field or pasture. You cannot help […]



A Poem About Forgiveness

February 24, 2013 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsEmotions and Animals

(I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.) It all turns out in the end. Like the wash The colors don’t all run together. My will keeps it all in order. Sorts through the dirty laundry Separates the light from the dark, Because I can. Is forgiving my sister as […]



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