How to Get to Know and Elephant published in Elephant Journal

February 27, 2014 Christine McDonald Animal ConnectionsMystical AnimalsSoul ConnectionsWild Animals

I am happy to let you know The Elephant Journal has published my blog post on How to Get to Know an Elephant. The content has changed somewhat, so please check it out, make a comment and let the world know what you think.

How to Get to Know an Elephant

How to Get to Know an Elephant

Getting this article published has been a process and I do hope to publish more. I have a book in the works and am inspired to take it a step further with hopes of getting my manuscript published in 2014.

I feel support of the mystical elephants on this ever changing and fast paced journey. Sadly, so many of the world’s remaining elephants have been traumatized and we need to support them NOW. Please join me in visioning a new world where elephants can live in peace, they are seen for who they are, and valued as sentient beings.


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