What to Expect

I see myself as an advocate for animals. Even though animal companions have genetic tendencies, I see each one as an individual with its own unique qualities. Connecting with them through the heart provides a channel of communication in which images, words or emotions can be received. Most animals are openly willing to communicate and want to be heard.

Each session lasts about an hour and can be done over the phone. A picture of your animal companion is desirable but not necessary and can be sent to me as an email attachment. It is not necessary for the animal to be present for each session. The communication happens telepathically. Be prepared to ask questions and go with the flow of the session.

New friends

New friends

I offer consultations to answer questions and discuss issues of concern regarding your animal companion. Consultations give you information and support enabling you to make decisions that are right for you and your animal companion.

I provide consultations on the following:

    • Advice on emotional and behavior issues
    • Mediate multi animal household issues
    • Explore health issues
    • Support for animals in transition
    • Connecting with animals who have transitioned
    • Wild animals and their needs

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