“I’ve had several sessions with Chris regarding my animals. One in particular was with one of my horses. She really helped with insights into the animals state of mind, which helped me understand my horse on a deeper and more intimate level. In the days following the session there was a noticeable calmness in my mare and more of a connection between us.” Llani Marina

Chris is very intuitive and works from her heart to receive information. My kittie, Blaze has been sick for over a 1 1/2 years and been to numerous vets trying the traditional and holistic approaches. Nothing seeming to help him. With Chris’s insights Blaze is much more present, healthier and happier  I am in gratitude for all the insights and love that Chris has to offer in her sessions. ~Teresa

Chris McDonald connected to our dog twice in the past few years; once when he was living and once a year after he died. Both times she offered a cross check to see if she had correctly connected to our pet and then gave us relevant information that answered our questions. We are happy to report that her information recently led us to a new puppy who is a younger version of our old dog and a great fit for us.

Chris has a real talent for connecting to animals and revealing their thoughts so we can make the best decisions for them. We’ll be happy to have her connect with our new dog or any other future animal companions. Thanks, Chris! ~Denise

During this past year, I have had to be separated from my dear cat and great love “Pandie”. Having some fears that she might feel abandoned, I reached out for help from Chris. Chris gave me invaluable guidance and a deep understanding of Pandie’s feelings. Her way of describing Pandie’s concerns, allowed me to know that she was truly connected with her on a very profound level.

Chris clearly has the “gift” of communicating with animals. She is so deeply connected with Divine Source that it just flows out to help us, not only understand our animals’ feelings, but also their role in our own growth. ~Lily

Chris’ insights helped me in making critical choices in the end of life process for my dog, Zena, as well as understanding my relationship with my younger dog, Daisy. Her amazing connection to the animal world has been invaluable to me in recent months. ~Syd

Chris was compassionate and insightful. The insights she gave us about why our 13 year old Merlin was reacting so poorly to our new kitten Diego helped us in creating greater peace between then. Our house is no longer a cat war zone. We would recommend her highly. ~Helane’

Thank you. We both had a good nights sleep and I’m feeling I can cope with today in a fine relaxed way. I think you should hang out your shingle as a counselor, I feel much better after talking with you. ~Ann

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